Reader: How can a white mountaineer be representative of DU, but not Boone?

Does that fellow on the right look like the face of the University of Denver to you? (No need to answer if you had a few too many brewskis at the Stadium Inn last night -- we know your answer is yes.) Last month, DU sent a survey to 75,000 members of the community -- students, alum, faculty, staff -- asking for their input on three possible images for the future mascot of the university, a mascot that would embody the Pioneer spirit and also celebrate "inclusivity." In addition to this Mountainteer, the possibilities include Pio the Jackalope and Pio the Elk.

Not among the three possibilities: Denver Boone, the official mascot of the school from 1968 to 1998 who'd recently made an unofficial comeback and who still has many fans at the school.

The deadline for submitting the survey was yesterday, and It will take DU weeks to tally the results. (If none of the possibilities is a clear winner of the popularity contest, the mascot committee will likely go back to the drawing board.) But in the meantime, plenty of people are letting their own opinions be known.

Including Geoz, who says:

Interesting... "everyone's voice has been heard" and "compromise was key". This very chipper article seems to leave out some very negative aspects of this discussion. There has been a very clear message that Boone had to go, no matter your opinion or input. And while "voices may be heard," it is only one-way communication. The university and committee have been unresponsive to a variety of questions. Most recently... how can Boone not be representative, but the white muscular mountaineer BE representative... or the male Elk for that matter ... or how can a jackalope be used when there is copyright on the name? And how can the university justify the cost of the hours that 76 people have spent on this fiasco? Why has there been attempts to suppress a vote that supported the return of Boone?

Boone is the mascot. Whatever ridiculous notion that comes forward is no substitute for Denver Boone.

Did you respond to the University of Denver survey? What do you think of the proposed mascots? Have any better ideas? From our archives: "Denver Boone mascot mess gives DU design student Will Guy a real education."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.