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Reader: IGN lacks credibility 'cause videogame reviewers don't always complete games

In his recent post about Lego Universe, Joel Warner noted that the game wowed most critics, but those at the giant IGN site were lukewarm, giving a score of 5 on a 10 scale.

That prompted a rant from one reader, who notes that IGN critics don't always complete games before reviewing them.

Here's what tranniejesus had to say:

IGN is a shit website, with shit reviewers. I no longer consider that website to hold any depth or knowledge in the gaming industry. They have repeatedly written in their reviews that the reviewers did not fully play the game they were reviewing. So with that said, IGN is not a valid gauge for a game's awesomeness. Lego Universe is awesome.

Maybe if that said reviewer would ctually play the game, it would have gotten a better review. That, and the fact it is for kids and some of the adult reviewers are too damned stupid to think upon it.

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