Reader: I'm Employed, But Denver Rent Is So High That I'm Living in My Car
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Reader: I'm Employed, But Denver Rent Is So High That I'm Living in My Car

Assorted reports have suggested that rent prices in Denver are beginning to level off, with the average price dipping beneath $1,000 for a one-bedroom apartment in sixteen metro-area neighborhoods.

But costs remain high in many other Mile High City places.

And they've certainly taken their toll on this reader, who reveals that even though he's gainfully employed, he's currently living in his car.

Here's his story.

Randall Simmons writes:

All I know is that I can't even afford a damn single bedroom apartment anymore! I work full time, make decent pay and everything else and the rent is so ridiculously high it's damn near impossible to find affordable housing! I'm living in my fucking car for crying out loud and my credit is nowhere good enough to get a mortgage on an actual house! There is so much damn inflation in the housing market in both respects, you should do an article on that! How would that be!? An article on how a place with terrible code violations and awful property conditions and value are able to rent out a one bedroom in "The Highlands" for over $1,200 a month! Also remember that you need to make 3x the monthly rent to even qualify!

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