Reader: Peter Boyles may be easy to bash, but imagine the swill that would replace him

Update: Peter Boyles has reportedly been fired by KHOW. To read our updated coverage, click here.

Original item: Our post about Peter Boyles's continuing absence from the Denver airwaves following an incident with longtime producer Greg Hollenback sparked speculation aplenty.

There's also been some negative commentary about the KHOW morning-drive staple. In response, one reader defends Boyles and warns about what might be programmed in his place.

tucker writes:

Don't kid yourselves.... Peter is an asset in this community...willing to take on stories that other media won't touch. He's extremely smart and has a photographic memory...he can quote dates and places in history like no one else.... If you stop to listen, you can actually learn things that you wouldn't hear elsewhere.

Ross Kaminsky (his replacement today) started off the program by telling the story of his 7 year old asking his mom if she needed to "pinch a loaf...." He thought that was pretty cute. This is the kind of inane drivel you'll no doubt see come aboard if Boyles leaves. So go ahead and hate on Peter, but be ready to experience a decline in intellectual depth in Denver radio if he goes away.

And don't forget...those knobs on your device allow you to turn it off and on or change the station....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.