Reader: Start Your Own Lesbian Funeral Home That Will Bury Whomever You Please

Jamie Swinnerton's post about the cancellation of Vanessa Collier's funeral after the pastor learned photos of her proposal to her lesbian partner would be shared generated a big response, with readers roughly split between those excoriating the decision as heartless and homophobic and others who support the church's rights based on Biblical interpretation. Here are a pair of comments that represent opposing points of view.

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Alexander Martinez writes:

You'd think that lesbians would know that churches don't look so kindly at homosexuality, and would choose to take their memorials (and money) elsewhere. What makes America so great is the fact that you can start your own lesbian funeral home that buries whomever you'd please.

seerclearly writes:

These comments are both ignorant and nauseating. YES indeed, the church has a long history of having its values "go out the window" when money is concerned, go read up on "indulgences." And for those of you busily judging your fellow citizens for being sinful, ask yourself, do you not deserves to worship God and receive His blessing despite YOUR sins? These women felt that they wanted a ceremony according to their beliefs - why would God not want to consummate that need? It's only the humans and their rotten church that corrupt the true and unconditional love of Christ with this sort of hateful judgement and separation. You should be ashamed of yourselves for glorifying the church and its corrupt dogma over the ecstatic beauty of the love of God that this couple was trying to express.

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