Reader: Transplants Upset Over Snow Should Have Bought an SUV, Not a Prius

Our post featuring the top twenty tweets about bad roads, lack of plows and weather douches in the wake of this week's unexpectedly heavy snowstorm generated loads o' feedback.

Some readers shared their own complaints about roadways and highways that weren't cleared quickly enough by their standards.

Others considered such complaints highly suspect — including this reader, who opens up on new Colorado residents unaccustomed to winter driving conditions here.

Here's his colorful take.

John Michopoulos write:

Dear transplants. The plows were out. You're just paying the price for being a cheap bitch and getting a Prius or Civic instead of an SUV. I had a ft of snow at my house downtown and the roads had 1-2 inches and my Jeep had zero problems going anywhere.

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