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Reader: We Should Burn Down the Purina Plant If Everything With Strong Smell Is Bad

Plenty of readers made their feelings felt in regard to our post about a new strategy by Oklahoma and Nebraska to kill Colorado's marijuana laws.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the states' complaint about Amendment 64, which legalized limited recreational cannabis sales in Colorado.

However, Oklahoma and Nebraska have asked to join a previously filed lawsuit that combines multiple complaints — including one based on the beefs of property owners, who say the smell from a nearby grow has diminished their joy of life.

The following reader quotes from the suit before dismissing its odoriferous gripes by way of a reference to a factory that's made a big olfactory impact in Denver.

Billy BlackFeather writes:
"Growing recreational marijuana is 'noxious, annoying or offensive activity' by virtually any definition because marijuana plants are highly odorous, and their offensive smell travels long distances." By this reasoning, we should burn down the Purina Plant & arrest every cattle rancher in the state.

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