Readers: Pat Bowlen is a Denver Broncos hero -- and his memory issues aren't a joking matter

Alan Prendergast's post quoting sources who say

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is no longer the team's major decision maker

amid reports about "memory issues" prompted some jokes, which makes sense. Most Broncos fans wish we couldn't remember this season, either.

Other readers don't think Bowlen's health is a humorous subject.

Here's what greg had to say:

A man's health is involved and people are making jokes? Come on. If Bowlen is sick give the guy a break. Have you forgotten that Bowlen helped build the team that got the Broncos two Super Bowl rings? He hasn't done the best with his own public relations but there is no doubt he's an owner that cares about fielding a winning team.

A reader who signed as rumble grumble gurgle roar followed with this:

Bowlen is -- in my honest opinion -- the best thing that ever happened to the Denver Broncos. I know he's not always had the best image, but everything he tried to do has been to make the Broncos stronger. He's the reason Denver won 2 super bowls. He's one of the major reasons Denver fans have only suffered through four losing seasons since 1975. Such a sad way to go for a proud, deserving man.

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