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Reader: No Matter Who's Inside the Rocky Costume, Nuggets Games Are Still Fun

The face is familiar....
The face is familiar.... Rocky Supermascot Facebook
Rocky, the Denver Nuggets mascot, keeps winning awards after more than thirty years on the court, including a recent survey of 1,500 basketball fans that named him the most popular mascot in the NBA. But on social media, there's also been talk that Rocky seems different these days. And that talk continues on the Westword Facebook page, after our story discussing the possibility that Kenn Solomon had finally gotten out of the suit after three decades, and might have passed the mascot gig onto a son. Says Joe:
For sure. I was at game the other night and Rocky was missing shots he used to easily make.
Adds Kenneth:
He hasn't made any of the half-court shots while I've been there.
Replies Brittany: 
I knew something was off when the half-court shot was going down. It's bad. Not really involved like he was. But the Nuggets games are still fun to go to.
Counters Andrew:
I can’t think of a component of going to a game I’m less concerned about than who is inside the mascot costume.
Responds Martin: 
Yet I’ll take time out of my day to comment on an article about an NBA mascot...
Concludes Andrew: 
I care about aspects of the mascot experience: if I'm attending a game with children and the mascot comes to our section, for example, I want the mascot to interact with children. I just don't care who is inside the costume.
I assume you can appreciate the distinction?
Do you care who's inside the Rocky costume? What do you think of the Nuggets mascot these days? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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