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Reader: If I'd Known Polis Wears Crocs With Socks, I Would've Skipped Voting!

Yes, this is the next governor of Colorado, imitating the way his dog rolled on the lawn.
Yes, this is the next governor of Colorado, imitating the way his dog rolled on the lawn. @jaredpolis
Jared Polis is Colorado's new governor — and maybe the geekiest one we've ever had. That's a compliment! We love when politicos have personalities, especially goofy ones, and Polis's election has already elevated Colorado to coolest-floor-of-the-dorm status, as recognized by James Corden.

As a Thanksgiving treat, Michael Roberts tracked down the goofiest photos on Polis's superb Twitter page, and readers were delighted by the sight of Colorado's next leader paying homage to the late Robin Williams — by dressing like him and posing for a picture in front of the Mork & Mindy house in Boulder. The photos inspired plenty of comments about Colorado's new King Dork. (And remember, that's a compliment!)

Jesse says:
I met Jared Polis smoking a cigarette behind Taco Bell in Fort Collins two years ago when he was taking a break from waving his own sign.
Martin argues:
Least gubernatorial — but VERY COLORADO. I like this guy.
Lyndsay notes:
He is the kind of "real" that I like. Sorry, I like the humanity in him. Unlike other politicians.
Mason jokes:
Shit. If I'd known that he wears Crocs with socks, I would've sat this election out.
Bo explains:
I love that the Westword refers to the governorship of Colorado as the title of King Dork. We truly are the coolest floor in the dormitory.
Bow argues:
And I love him! Can’t wait for Colorado’s future.
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