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The Best Online Food and Drink Events and Takeout Specials This Week

Your first attempt at making fresh pasta probably won't look like a pro's, but keep trying. You've got oodles of time to perfect your noodles.
Your first attempt at making fresh pasta probably won't look like a pro's, but keep trying. You've got oodles of time to perfect your noodles. Linnea Covington
This week, you can learn how to make perfect pasta, have cheese and booze for dinner, show off your smarts and start planning your march through Colorado wine country, all from the comfort (or constraints, depending where you are in the seven stages of grief) of your own home. Once you've checked out everything on the menu, keep reading for our ongoing list of virtual food and drink happenings every day of the week.

Monday, April 13
If you're lucky enough to be quarantined with a stash of flour, and unlucky enough to be quarantined with energetic children who need constant stimulation, sit them in front of a tablet from 2 to 3 p.m. on Monday, April 13, and put them to work instead of queuing up Frozen II  for the 132nd time. The Seasoned Chef cooking school is offering an online children's pasta-making class, where kids will learn how to mix, roll and cook fresh pasta. At the end of the hour, they'll have prepared enough fresh pasta for their own dinner (and if you've spawned overachievers, get them going on making meals for the rest of the family). Enroll for $20 on the school's website, where you can also see future virtual classes, including a series on basic techniques such as roasting, sautéeing and braising, as well as more tutorials designed for little ones. Don't have a kid? No worries: On the Internet, no one knows you're a grownup.

Stem's Chile Guava cider will be paired with La Tur, an Italian sheep-, cow- and goat-milk cheese. - COURTESY STEM CIDERS
Stem's Chile Guava cider will be paired with La Tur, an Italian sheep-, cow- and goat-milk cheese.
Courtesy Stem Ciders
Tuesday, April 14
Stem Ciders isn't letting a little thing like a global health crisis put a crimp in its long-running tradition of Tuesday pairings. On Tuesday, April 14, the cidery is offering a cider-and-cheese pairing: four cans of cider accompanied by four cheeses picked by the excellent mongers at Truffle Cheese Shop, all for pick-up between 3 and 7 p.m. from the Stem taproom at 2811 Walnut Street. Unlike pre-pandemic times, you can reserve your $29 plate in advance on Eventbrite (recommended) through noon on Monday, April 13, but there will be a limited supply of pairings for sale on a first-come, first-served basis on Tuesday. Take a look at Stem's Facebook page for details on the selected ciders and cheese.

The world is hurtling toward imminent doom, so what better time to sweat the small stuff? Distract yourself for a few hours by indulging your pedanticism at Chain Reaction Brewing Co.'s weekly trivia. Support Colorado craft beer by picking up growlers and Crowlers of suds at the taproom, 902 South Lipan Street, between 3 and 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14, then tune in to the Chain Reaction Facebook page from 7 to 9 p.m., when you can impress fellow players and annoy your housemates with your know-it-all smarts.

click to enlarge You'll be able to leave your house again. Someday. - COURTESY COLORADO WINE INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT BOARD
You'll be able to leave your house again. Someday.
Courtesy Colorado Wine Industry Development Board
Wednesday, April 15
The Boulder-based Cocktail Squad, purveyor of canned cocktails and 1989-era Taylor Swift catchphrases, has launched a series of music sets from local musicians on its YouTube channel. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you can watch new performances from artists like Andy Thorn of Leftover Salmon, Andrew McConathy of the Drunken Hearts and more. Presumably, not every musician making an appearance will be a bearded white dude named after one of the Twelve Apostles, but you'll have to tune in to find out — and even if they are, it'll go down easier with one of the Squad's cocktails in hand; visit its website to find out where you can order them for delivery. In lieu of tips, the beverage producer is requesting that you donate to nonprofit organizations Feed the Frontlines Boulder, United States Bartenders' Guild National Charity Foundation and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Relief Fund. 

The longer Colorado's stay-at-home order drags on, the worse our case of cabin fever gets (at this point, your cousin's wedding in Rapelje, Montana — population 110 — sounds positively enticing). But while you're stuck at home, you can prepare for your next trip to somewhere closer and much, much tastier: Colorado's wine country. Starting Wednesday, April 15, the Colorado Wine Facebook page is launching its weekly happy half-hour at 4:30 p.m. on Facebook Live. Winemakers from across the state will be joining the stream each week and chatting about tasting tips, the winemaking process and viewer questions. Visit Colorado Wine's website to connect with wineries close to you and find out how you can purchase their wares to drink during happy hour (or — let's be honest — any hour of the day).

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