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Reader: At These Prices, Yardbird's Fried Chicken Won't Fly

The food is delicious...but expensive.
The fried chicken at Yardbird is very good, but there are more affordable options around.
The fried chicken at Yardbird is very good, but there are more affordable options around. Molly Martin
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RiNo is one of Denver's top dining destinations, but lately chains have been invading the area, with mom-and-pops and independent spots moving out. All chains are not created equal, however.

Yardbird, which opened at 2763 Blake Street in July, has impressive culinary roots. After appearing as a finalist on Top Chef, Jeff McInnis partnered with restaurateurs John Kunkel and Chris Romero to open the original restaurant in Miami in 2011, and it was nominated for a James Beard Award and named one of Bon Appétit's Best New Restaurants in 2012. Since then, it's expanded to eight locations total, including Las Vegas, Singapore and Denver, its biggest outpost yet. The menu not only has Yardbird staples like fried chicken, but some city-specific options (short ribs with green chile grits!).

As Molly Martin discovered, the food is delicious...but expensive. And in their comments on Westword's Facebook and Instagram pages, diners squawk about Yardbird's prices and more. Says Mae: 
Came for dinner, and the place looks great. But at these prices, the fried chicken won't fly.
Says Jericho:
Big pass. Pretentious take on a cuisine that's rooted in poverty and struggle. Gentrified soul food from a chain restaurant ain't for me.
Counters Carrie:
Totally worth the stop. We have eaten their brunch and dinner; both times were amazing. And 72-hour short ribs!
Comments Terrie:
Those prices are fucking insane.
Responds Rishi:
Had it in Vegas, for Vegas I think it was priced accordingly. For Denver, maybe not.
Adds ChrisTopher:
Yardbird in Vegas, where they’ve never heard of someone asking for vinegar to go on their collard greens.
Suggests John:
Yikes! I can get a plump juicy rotisserie whole chicken from Costco for $4.95 and enjoy it at beautiful Wash Park.
Offers Peter: 
Go to Wishbone…I don’t care how good the chicken is, at $32 for a four piece they’re laughing at you dumb ass for paying that much.
Have you been to Yardbird? What did you think? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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