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Reader: Colorado Pizza Can Be Inferior to Frozen Pizza at King Soopers

Taking Colorado mountain pizza on the road.
Taking Colorado mountain pizza on the road. Camilo Pineda
Does Colorado have its own distinct pizza style? Since it served up its first pizza in Idaho Springs fifty years ago, Beau Jo's has laid claim to serving a true Colorado mountain pie — and now it's doing so out of a food truck, as well as six other locations around the state.

No matter where you get a Beau Jo's pizza, the crust is thin on the bottom and encircled by a bready crust as fat as a mountain-bike tire; you can polish off that crush with the honey served on the side. Is that a Colorado-style pizza?

Since we posted our story about the Beau Jo's truck on the Westword Facebook page, pizza fans have debated whether there's a true Colorado pizza. Says Rob:
As I come from New Jersey, this is something I’ve never been able to wrap my head around since I moved here.
Replies Rafael: 
That's because in Jersey, they have AWESOME pizza, which is mostly a foreign concept in Colorado.
But Michael likes Beau Jo's:
Awesome! Definitely a Colorado Classic. No pizza ever tasted better than after a day on the slopes!
Responds Michael:
Over-rated, soggy-ass crap.
Wonders Stephen:
Is "dip the crust in honey" what makes a Colorado mountain pizza? Because if that's it, I had it first at Great Plains Sauce & Dough in Ames, Iowa, which opened in 1979 (so it's also been going for "over 40 years"). I always differentiated "Colorado mountain pizza" by the way it's sold by weight instead of by diameter/toppings. But every time I read about it, people cite the honey-on-crust aspect.
Comments Bobby:
Colorado pizza tends to be inferior to some of the better frozen pizzas you can get over at King Soopers. so if "mediocre" is a style, then yeah, I guess so.
Notes Jeff:
I'll eat any kind of pizza ever, as long as it's not topped with insects.
And then there's this from Chris:
I just came here to declare that Colorado's green chile is inferior to New Mexico's and that California and Texas aren't to blame for anything. Ever.
What do you think of the Beau Jo's pizza style? Is there a true Colorado style? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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