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Reader: A Toast to Sean Kenyon, for Taking on Yelp

Sean Kenyon has long been a bright light in the local hospitality scene. The man behind the award-winning Williams & Graham, which kicked off Denver's obsession with cocktail bars, kept spirits and standards high during the pandemic, making sure that customers and employees alike stayed safe.

And then, when a cranky customer posted a one-star Yelp review of the Occidental, his bar next to Williams & Graham, Kenyon really got lit. "I'm not taking this shit anymore. For real," he said in a June 30 post that included a long response to that Yelp review — which the customer had deleted but Kenyon had saved in a screenshot.

Readers have been toasting Kenyon in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of his response to the entitled Yelper. Says David:
This behavior does not surprise me in the least. This state has been infested with this kind of entitled filth for years.
Adds Ryan:
Yelp is trash!!! Lets morons that don't know sh!t about industries they don't work in rate and comment. And are usually completely in the wrong.
Responds Aaron:
Hell, yeah! It is unfortunate that businesses have to constantly monitor social media for shit like this from even shittier people. Time is short already....Simple rule: Don’t be an A-hole. Kudos, Sean, for having your staff member’s back and for the laugh.
Comments Niles:
Love me some Sean Kenyon! For his craft, his contribution to Denver’s cocktail scene, his concepts, service, and support of his staff and the industry. Kudos, Sean.
Counters Michael:
Seriously, who cares!!
Replies Kelley: 
Anyone who owns a business or works at a business where certain clientele act like assholes and then besmirch the good name of said business with a crybaby review on Yelp. He's a hero in those circles I would imagine.
Applauds Jaymie:
Sean Kenyon has the courage to take on Yelp. I'll drink to that! At one of his bars, of course. 
And if that bar is the Occidental, Jared has his own advice:
Reserve ahead, go on a weekday, bring plenty of money, plan on staying a while. I remember ordering a drink that was poured with a four-foot flaming stream of liquor into the cup. Love that place.
Have you been to the Occidental? What do you think of Sean Kenyon's response to Yelp? Yelp in general?

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