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Reader: Zaidy's Closed? Where Will I Go for Breakfast Today?

Reader: Zaidy's Closed? Where Will I Go for Breakfast Today?
Ken Holloway
The bad news came this week: Zaidy's, a mainstay of Denver dining for 35 years, has closed. The Rudofsky family announced that they were shuttering their last outpost at 121 Adams Street, which opened back in 1992. "It’s with a heavy heart that we’ve made the decision to stop compromising the integrity and quality of our renowned Jewish comfort food in order to stay open, no matter how much we wish we could," they said in a Facebook post.

Although other longtime delis remain open in Denver — Bagel Deli, New York Deli News — faithful diners are already missing the meatloaf, the brisket, the knishes, the Reuben and, above all, the community they found at Zaidy's.

Says Melissa:
I am heartbroken. So many memories there of family meals.
Adds Betty:
 I am so sorry...your matzoh ball soup has healed my family during rough times. Thank you and wishing you the best.
Notes Susan:
They had the best corned beef hash, French toast and lox and eggs. We loved going any time of day for breakfast.
Wonders Joe: 
Where will I go for breakfast today?
Suggests Erin:
If y’all were really so sad about these closures, you would support these small businesses better. Get takeout. Buy a gift card. Tip well. Something.
Responds Jeannine: 
I am so sad that this is happening; Zaidy's will be missed! I look forward to what the future has in store for all of the restaurant community
Responds Konstantin:
I am sure a quintessential Olive Garden will replace it.
Concludes Galo:
Not much longer, and Taco Bell will be the only "restaurant" left.
Zaidy's is currently collecting memories of the restaurant. "Although this is goodbye, for now, we hope to someday share the legacy and traditions of Zaidy’s Deli with the next generation," the Facebook post concludes. "To stay up to date with our story and future endeavors, please send your comments and email addresses to: [email protected] or follow us on Instagram @ZAIDYSDELI."

Or you can share them here. With Zaidy's gone, what restaurant do you fear could go next? What are you already missing? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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