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Why Colorado Tokers Love Presidential Kush

Remember the stoner kid in Dazed and Confused who swears that George Washington’s old lady, Martha, lit up a fat bowl for Georgie at the end of the day? Probably bullshit, but whatever: Washington definitely grew hemp before it was banned more than a century later. He had a lot of stress with that whole revolution thing, and it’s fun to imagine Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and other banknote heads passing around a joint while talking about their brave new world. Although colonial dirt weed certainly wasn’t as potent as the modern Presidential Kush, I can’t help but feel a little more stately when I get an eighth of this sticky hybrid and blaze one for the nation.

A more recent strain on the commercial scene, Presidential Kush is known as Presidential OG in some circles; depending on who’s doing the talking, it was bred from a blend of OG Kush and Bubblegum or Lemon Skunk. There are potheads who believe the two are entirely separate strains, but I’ve seen both names with either combination of genetics, so it’s hard to tell which is which. Naturally, the Bubblegum cut is much more sedative and indica-leaning, while the Lemon Skunk version is closer to a 50/50 ratio. Both are potent enough to take you to space, but the knockout blow from the Bubblegum variety comes almost instantly, while its Lemon Skunk counterpart is known to make users uplifted for at least an hour before they crash into the couch.

Presidential’s OG characteristics are present to all senses in both versions, with dank scents of citrus and pine, a strong earthy taste and a smaller bud structure. The Green Solution’s variety, bred with Lemon Skunk, won first-place awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup and the Hemp Connoisseur Awards in 2014, and L’Eagle’s Bubblegum cut is a delicious nightcap strain with a heavyweight punch.

We haven’t found a POTUS with the balls to legalize this beautiful plant yet, but you can still walk softly and carry a big spliff of Presidential Kush. Maybe if more global leaders did, the world wouldn’t seem so scary.
Looks: Both versions of Presidential Kush should be bright green with above-average trichome coverage. Although usually smaller in size, the dense nugs can weigh more than they appear to.

Smell: Expect an initial wave of citrus scents followed by a distinguishable OG earthiness.The Bubblegum cut has been known to have a funky, hash-like smell on the back end.

Although slightly differing in aftertaste, both versions of Presidential Kush should start out with flavors similar to their smells: a strong citrus taste followed by piney, earthy flavors. The Lemon Skunk version should have stronger citrus notes, while the Bubblegum cut has a creamier flavor.

Effects: This is where the noticeable differences lie. The sativa-dominant version starts with a euphoric head buzz that really attacks the peripheral vision, followed by a relaxing body high that usually sedates users within two hours. It’s recommended for nausea, pain and stress, and it’s great before dinner, or breakfast on a lazy Sunday. Although it also produces a strong head high, the indica-dominant version is much more relaxing and sleepy, making it an exclusive nighttime strain and sleep aid for most.

Commercial grower’s take: “I’ve only had experience with Presidential Kush grown with Bubblegum genetics, but I know a few shops around town — the Green Solution and Colorado Alternative Medicine, off the top of my head — that sell the Lemon Skunk kind. Mine grows short and fat, which makes it easy for topping, but you have to watch out for things like mold and root rot during wetter seasons or if you live in a moist climate. She’s worth the extra work, though. Very sweet smell for an OG-bred plant, and covered in resin. You’re pretty much signing away the next three hours of your life at the very least if you dab it, because you’re going to be asleep — guaranteed.”

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