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Reader: Freedom and Basic Human Decency Are Being Fed Into a Wood Chipper

Gee, President Trumpsky....
Gee, President Trumpsky.... Chris Walker
Free speech is going to get a real workout this weekend, with a local chapter of the national March for Truth movement getting under way in Commons Park at 11 a.m. in Denver. But the real action could be up in Boulder, where a Free Speech gathering will be hosted by Proud Boys Colorado, which calls itself "a fraternal organization of Western Chauvinists who will no longer apologize for creating the modern world." Protesters including the Rocky Mountain Antifa have promised to be there to make their own opinions known, and readers are already weighing in. Says Cameron:

So is it intolerant not to tolerate intolerance? I don't think so. Punch those fuckin' nazis.
Responds Aaron: 
Why do people keep on saying, "The only good nazi is a dead nazi"? So, all other fascism is fine as long as it's not naziism? Fuck fascists, period. Not just the ones you don't like. All of them.
Then there's this from Dominick: 
Freedom and basic human decency are being fed into a wood chipper at an alarming rate. There are so many lines in the sand now that it's impossible to make it to the water without crossing twenty of them. Social media is the billows, thrusting furiously into the toxic flames of division. We're coming apart at the seams here, and it hurts to watch. Some unity and healing would be nice right now.
Reader Chuck has just the solution:
West Side Story? You mean someone from the alt-right and the antifa crowd are dating one another? Okay, a minor bit of brainstorming:

For show art and posters, we might have something like...One of the lovers clad in both black bloc gear and a MAGA hat. A symbol for the show combining a snowflake and a swastika.

Song ideas might include...
"There's a Safe Space For Us."
"Gee, President Trumpsky," instead of "Gee, Officer Krupke."

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