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Reader: The Colorado Comedy Scene Is Definitely No Laughing Matter!

Wende Curtis's two Comedy Works clubs are closed for now.
Wende Curtis's two Comedy Works clubs are closed for now. Comedy Works
Denver's once robust comedy scene has been shut down, with all indoor shows prohibited while metro counties are at Level Red. The situation is no laughing matter, to use the phrase that comedian Sam Tallent begged Kyle Harris not to include in the headline of his recent story on the scene.

The punchline? "It’s the right thing to be closed right now,” Comedy Works owner Wende Curtis told Harris. “I get it. But I didn’t do this. You didn’t do this. That f*cking idiot in office that I didn’t vote for — he didn’t act. He didn’t lead. He lied to the American people.”

In their comments on the Westword Facebook page, some readers agreed that Trump was the culprit...though others did not. Says Tim:
Thank you Wende Curtis for saying what most of us are thinking.
Adds Rachelle:
100%! And we'll be back at Comedy Works when all this passes!
Replies Justin:
Love Comedy Works, but if this quote is real it is completely absurd. So is Trump responsible for the same COVID conditions around the entire world? Hate him all you want, that is fine — but be realistic with what is going on.
Notes Dawn:
All of the entertainment and food industry is being hit hard.
Comments Tim:
The City and State have done next to nothing for these venues. The feds have done nothing, either, but it's not the feds who are closing them down. If you look at the data, bars, restaurants and entertainment/cultural venues are not responsible for the vast majority of the spread, yet Polis/Hancock moved quickly to shut them down. If they were the problem, don't you think we would have seen that over the summer and early fall?

Let's use some common sense here, pretty please!
Concludes Joe: 
Sorry, Sam, but this is definitely no laughing matter!
Have you been supporting local comics by watching shows online? Will you return to the clubs when they reopen? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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