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Reader: Film on the Rocks Drive-In Is a Perfect Way to See a Movie!

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Snow may fall again today, but you can still dream about what you'll do in the warm months ahead — and that could include seeing a film at Red Rocks. Film on the Rocks just announced its 2021 season, which includes the return of last year's drive-in, as well as screenings in the amphitheater itself later this summer.

“We’re very excited to offer our audience the best of both worlds for this year’s Film on the Rocks series,” says Kevin Smith, Denver Film Director of Marketing and Partnerships. “Our audiences loved having an opportunity to get out in a convenient, safe and beautiful environment last summer to enjoy a film, and we know that everyone is eager to get back into the amphitheater and take in the full scope of this iconic setting.”

While the full lineup has not yet been announced by Denver Film, just a hint of what's coming has been enough to excite readers, who've been sharing their enthusiasm on the post about Film on the Rocks 2021. Says Jay: 
I'm not ready to go to a concert, but I'll go to Red Rocks if I can stay in my car! Great idea.
Adds Isa: 
This lineup is everything!!!
Suggests Samantha: 
Next adventure! It's one of my dreams to go to Red Rocks.
Asks Ryan:
Has anyone been? can you really see from those far back spots?
Responds Kristen: 
100 percent! We went last year, brought our dog and cuddled in our Jeep. Super-fun experience.
Concludes Kim: 
A perfect way to enjoy a movie!
Tickets for the first four weeks of films, which start May 26 with Dirty Dancing, are now on sale at Denver Film. Buy them and find out more here.
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