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Readers: Telling People How to Break Laws Is in Very Poor Taste

Plenty of visitors to Colorado will soon be leaving, and many of them will be wondering what to do with this state's most infamous souvenir: cannabis products. And they aren't alone: The query most frequently asked of our Stoner is how people can take/send marijuana out of Colorado. Just in time for the holidays, Herbert Fuego answered the question yet again...and once again, we got mail. Says Charles: 
Encouraging people or trying to inform them of how to break state and federal laws in your Ask a Stoner article is in very poor taste, Westword. You guys are supposed to be on our side, not painting us to be moronic criminals.
Adds Seth: 
This makes me so sad. I was and still am very proud of Colorado for legalizing weed first. Then stupid selfish people like Jason asking the Stoner this question won’t follow a few simple rules and are gonna wind up ruining it for the rest of us. I hope you get caught.
Responds Paula: 
I've been flying all over the world with cannabis for more than fifteen years. South America, Central America, Europe and all over the USA. Never had a problem. I don't see why so many of these people are getting their panties in a twist.
Other readers offer their own advice. Says Scott:
 Send to a friend but don’t use your real return address.
Adds Flex:
Ship them priority with an extremely legible return address; that part is key.
 And one reader riffed off the news about Sweet Leaf employees being charged. Says Brian:
 I find it funny how budtenders are prohibited by law on giving someone advice for committing a felony, but for Westword, it's perfectly acceptable.
Finally, Bradley concludes: 
More of the same quality prose that we've come to expect from your respected periodical.
Do you think our Stoner should answer questions about transporting/shipping marijuana outside of Colorado? When we do, we always note what's illegal...but we also don't shy away from facing facts about what people do/don't do in this state.

And speaking of that, if you think we should be sharing advice on this topic, what do you suggest for sending marijuana outside of Colorado?

Mail it? (Sorry, USPS.) Ship it? Drive it? Fly with it? Share your thoughts in a comment, or send them to [email protected]