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Are NBA and NFL Stadiums Really Allowing Marijuana Use?

Don't let social media "reports" fool you into a smoking citation next season.
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Dear Stoner: I've seen social media posts saying that fans at Green Bay Packers games can smoke weed, and I'm pretty sure I saw that announced for a basketball team, too. Are pro sports leagues really allowing this?

Dear Renée: Even though these rumors are nothing but smoke, social media infographics and "parody" news posts are spreading disinformation like wildfire nowadays — and exposing serious media literacy issues in this country. No chastising here: You're far from the only one to have fallen for this.
click to enlarge lambeau field stands during green bay packers home game
No, fans can't smoke tobacco or hemp in the stands at Lambeau Field next year.
Flickr/Phil Roeder
Multiple people texted me in January thinking the Los Angeles Clippers were going to allow cannabis and tobacco smoking in a designated section at the team's upcoming arena, the Intuit Dome. The "news" was broken in a post from what looked like the X account of ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, but it was actually a sham account with a slightly different name. The fake Packers news came in a similar vein: An X account named NFC North News posted a fake report May 10 about Lambeau Field allowing fans to smoke cigarettes and high-THC hemp and hit vapes in the stands. Neither of these posts is remotely true (nor is a report that the Minnesota Vikings banned meat sales at their stadium).

Be wary of strangers on social media, you Boomers and Gen X-ers.

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