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Reader: How About a Freshness Date on Pot Packaging?

Service-oriented budtenders keep an eye on the inventory.
Service-oriented budtenders keep an eye on the inventory. Jacqueline Collins
This week, a consumer asked our Stoner whether budtenders should warn customers if weed is old.

"Budtenders are stuck in a hard spot," Herbert Fuego replied. "They’re expected to sell everything on the shelves, and this isn’t the beer trade. A Coors Light distributor will switch out expired cans for freshies at the liquor store, but cannabis growers don’t do that. Dispensary managers and store owners hate eating the cost of name-brand weed that comes in pre-packaged eighths, too, so budtenders become pawns in the larger scheme. Sometimes."

If you're a regular customer, a budtender should be straight with you about the quality or lack thereof, Fuego suggests. And in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of this Stoner column, readers have plenty of other observations. Says Joe: 
Budtenders are hustlers like any other retail racket. They'll tell you it's the best no matter what it is.
Adds Duke: 
Probably don't know and don't care. They get paid regardless.
Responds Rolando: 
They do know and do care. A lot, actually.
Suggests Chris: 
Know your product. Ask if you can see and smell the buds before you buy it.
Offers Timothy:
 Throw a Terra stone into it. Unless it's ten years old you can revive any weed.
Wonders Larry: 
How about adding a freshness date on the packaging? "Best by such and such a date"?
And then there's this from Graeme: 
Grow your own, people!!!!! For what you’re paying, a month or two could afford you a setup that produces a pound.
What do you think a budtender should do when the product is substandard? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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