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Why Colorado Tokers Love Cherry Cake

Cherry Cake is a sweet-tasting strain with a perky high.
Cherry Cake is a sweet-tasting strain with a perky high. Herbert Fuego
click to enlarge Cherry Cake is a sweet-tasting strain with a perky high. - HERBERT FUEGO
Cherry Cake is a sweet-tasting strain with a perky high.
Herbert Fuego
Ever purchase something you knew you didn't need, just because the salesperson was nice or attractive? I can't be the only person who's bought cologne or sunglasses in order to avoid an awkward fifteen seconds. At least 65 percent of me can feel the mistake happening as the receipt prints. Over the next few days, I'll try to convince myself that Dolce & Gabbana is a good look on me, but I've already lost.

I thought I'd just bought another pair of useless sunglasses after my Sunday trip to the dispensary. I went in looking for a daytime strain and ended up leaving with an eighth of Cherry Cake. The budtender assured me it was good for energy and wouldn't peter out, but he didn't know the genetic history behind the strain, and Cake varieties are usually too strong on the front end for me to feel any uplift they might bring. Confidence sells, though, and this polite Chad was full of it. Faced with limited options and a full waiting room behind me, I took the Cherry Cake and regretted it all the way home.

Turns out, the Chad was right. Cherry Cake isn't part of the Cookies family (though there are a few rare versions with Wedding Cake or Cookies genetics), and it surprised me in more ways than one.

Cherry Cake's parents, Cherry Thunderfuck and NorCal Goo, aren't your typical commercial strains, giving Cherry Cake more Afghani and Haze-like qualities than I expected from a strain with "Cake" in the name. The smell was more spicy and earthy than I'd anticipated, with some slightly sweet citrus characteristics, but nothing that smelled like cherries. I wasn't disappointed, though. Cherry Cake's flavor reminded me of a fruitier Bubba Kush or Chocolope, and the high was exactly as promised.

After smoking Cherry Cake, a quick burst of euphoria left me interested and absorbed in anything in front of me. While that apex is short and dangerous to chase — I was lost and dumbfounded after smoking three bowls in two hours — Cherry Cake's effects last throughout the day, and keep me happy. That's the type of weed energy you can depend on.

Where to find it: Also known as Cherry Cake OG, Cherry Cake is quickly spreading across Colorado in flower and concentrate form. It's been spotted at Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, Canna City, the Center, Cherry Peak, the Farm, Golden Meds, Green Dragon, the Green Solution, Karmaceuticals, LaConte's, Levels, Lightshade, LoDo Wellness Center, Lova, Magnolia Road, Mile High Green Cross, Nature's Medicine, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Silver Stem and Twin Peaks. Loyalty Farms and Natural Remedies, two wholesaler growers, are responsible for the majority of the Cherry Cake around town, while Natty Rems offers extracted versions of the strain, as well.

Looks: Although dense, Cherry Cake's buds are gnarled and like to stretch; they look like a bunch of small, closed fists. The consistently olive color is complemented by bronze pistils and an above-average coat of trichomes.

Smell: Cherry Cake doesn't smell like your modern bakery strains. Instead of a doughy sweetness or fruity aromas up front, my nose catches dank, earthy scents, hints of pine and peppercorn, and subtle notes of oranges and (occasionally) chocolate.

Flavor: I usually taste a spicy, piney smoke from Cherry Cake, with hints of oranges and berries coming around at the end, almost like a smokey, fruity version of green tea.

Effects: Cherry Cake always brought energy, but all that gusto could get cloudy. Given the lack of munchies I get from Cherry Cake, I'd recommend eating first before a session, and then waiting ten or fifteen minutes in between bowls. The rush doesn't crash, but it will get foggy if you smoke too much, so don't chase multiple peaks. Stay on cruising altitude and the high is rather productive.

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