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Reader: Everyone Is Selling More Pot Than Ever Before

Reader: Everyone Is Selling More Pot Than Ever Before
Scott Lentz
Laws of supply and demand: Not only is the marijuana selection limited at many recreational stories these days, but what is available costs more. Wholesale marijuana prices in Colorado have jumped almost 25 percent since July, according to the state Department of Revenue, and are now at a three-year high.

The DOR's latest average market rate, released September 21, tallies the price per pound of marijuana flower at $1,316, up more than 24 percent since July. Marijuana trim prices increased nearly 15 percent per pound, to $350, the DOR notes, and seeds doubled in cost, from $4 to $8 each.

Wholesale supply usually declines in the late summer and early fall before annual outdoor harvests are available, leading to a hike in prices until November or December. And people both inside and outside the business are feeling it, judging from comments on Westword's Facebook post.

Says Steve:
As soon as all the mom-and-pop stores were consolidated... strange, huh!?!
Responds Joe:
Whatever. Prices are insane.
Notes Brian: 
Demand is also insane. Everyone is selling more than ever before, and we both know you can’t exactly grow more overnight to meet unprecedented demand. No vendor I work with has back stock, and placing orders has become “give me everything you can." You don’t typically say that to someone with a sales position.
Comments Austin:
Still cheaper than Vegas.
Adds Gene:
Still down 50 percent from thirty years ago, though.
Recalls Bo: 
Also beats waiting behind the bar at 11 p.m. for your dude (who is running late) to show up with lord only knows what they pulled out of a gas tank from Mexico.
Responds John: 
May the black market thrive.
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