Ten Cannabis Strains and Edibles to Crank Up the Autumn Vibes

Get cozy on a Sunday evening with Pot Roast.
Get cozy on a Sunday evening with Pot Roast. Jacqueline Collins
Fall-inspired decorations, food and drink have been out since August, even though the season itself just started. And the cannabis space isn't far behind, with strains and edibles that fit perfectly with changing leaves, football and scary stories. Whether it's infused pumpkin bread or a weed strain inspired by spooky cereal characters, there are plenty of seasonal options at dispensaries.

Here are ten of our favorite strains and edibles for autumn:

Boo Berry and Frankenberry
It's a shame that no Count Chocula or Fruit Brute strains are readily accessible (we've come across a few one-off Fruit Brute strains and a black-market Count Chocula vape, but those don't count), but at least we have Boo Berry and Frankenberry to burn. Frankenberry, a longtime favorite of ours from the Herbal Cure, has since expanded into a handful of other grows. The genetics are a little disputed, but every take we've tried has a syrupy fruit flavor and creative high. The effects are perfect for a relaxing Sunday spent inside, but this is usually a high best spent solo.

Boo Berry is newer to the scene, and also has differing parents depending on where you buy it. The Colorado version, grown by 710 Labs, has some sort of Blueberry Haze influence, however, with an even more intense syrup quality than Frankenberry: It's as if 710 dunked the nugs in snow-cone syrup and rolled it around in sugar. The high is a little more physically relaxing than Frankenberry's, but it's hardly debilitating.

Pot Roast
Any combo of beef, potatoes and gravy will suffice in the fall, but pot roast will always be the GOAT of Sunday nights. A strain named after the all-time dinner dish must be a powerful sedative and still take my nostrils and tastebuds on a Veruca Salt-like journey through the salty, savory and sweet flavors of supper. This mix of GMO and Meat Breath somehow delivers, emitting notes of soy sauce and the flavor to back them up. The high won't weigh you down, but it will leave you stoned, hungry and happy for a sustained period. That sense of relaxation reaches the body and stomach without overpowering motivation, setting up perfectly for earlier sunsets. Grab Iion's take on the strain, if you can find it, and begin the slow cook.

Don Shula
Fall brings crisp weather, apples and all that shit, but what do we really care about? Football. Named after legendary NFL coach Don Shula, this hybrid strain may have peaked in popularity six or seven years ago, but the old boy's still got the stuff. It's recently been revived by the growers at Cherry and accepted by a handful of extractors and Dialed In's rosin gummies. Carrying an old-school mix of Diesel and OG qualities, Don Shula is light on the cloudiness and devoid of anxiety, boosting focus while maintaining enough energy to tackle a to-do list. Burn a bowl in the morning, rake the leaves, then demolish an early lunch as the first round of games starts. Coach's orders.

Marshmallow OG
Camping is coming to an end, but you can still get toasty with Marshmallow OG this fall. The mix of Chemdog D, Jet Fuel Gelato and Triangle Kush carries sharp notes of honey and mellow hints of vanilla, creating a sweet, creamy chaser for the heavy gas up front. The effects leave me more engaged in conversation and activities, but with a mellow disposition. Extremely effective at making my stomach growl, the high is never disorienting, and always allows me a couple of hours of focus and motivation before putting me out for good. After a joint of Marshmallow OG, you can easily go for a walk, pick up some junk food and then begin a Halloween movie marathon. The strain is grown by 710 Labs, Cherry and Natty Rems, so you know it's going to pack a punch.

Sundae Driver
Sundae Driver is here to save us from jittery Sunday evenings when a huge meal can't. The hybrid, a mix of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie from Cannarado, is a no-brainer for mental relaxation without physical fatigue, and it's one of the easiest strains to find in Denver right now. Don't put this strain in overdrive, and enjoying the last 24 hours of the weekend will become much easier. A long list of dispensary and wholesale growers have taken on Sundae Driver this fall, and the strain is just as popular with extractors, but go for the live concentrates from Äkta and 710 Labs if you're looking for a hit that best represents the flavor.
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Infusing pumpkin bread with THC isn't just easy. It's a great match for flavor.

Homemade Pumpkin Bread
We can buy baked goods at the grocery store, but that doesn't stop us from making them at home. Why let one extra ingredient stop you? Pumpkin bread is easy to make (don't be ashamed to try a box mix) and loves olive or vegetable oil, both of which are extremely easy to infuse with cannabis. The spices and flavors in the pumpkin bread do a masterful job of covering up any sort of weed flavor, and the bread is filling enough to stop you from eating too much.

Higher Grade Maple Syrup
Higher Grade's THC-infused syrups come in many different flavors and doses, and the brand's vanilla, chocolate and simple syrups have proven that cannabis syrups don't have to be fruity or mixed with fizzy drinks to be enjoyed. The maple-flavored syrup is perfect for fall: Pour some over pancakes, waffles or chicken, use it when baking, or just pull the ultimate stoner hipster move and add it to a latte.

Jade & Jane Baked Goods
Local cannabis confectioner Jade & Jane makes plenty of infused sweets, including gummies and Pixie Sugar, but baked goods are the go-to during fall. Available in over thirty varieties, they're bite-sized, vegan and delicious. Treats like pound cake, mug cake mix, sandwich cookies, brownies and cupcakes come in so many different flavors, you'd have to be from another planet to not find something you like. Our favorites are the shortbreads and pound cake, but you can't go wrong with anything from Jade & Jane.

Millie's Classic Candies
Watching scary movies and football is part of what makes fall so fun, but you'll need snacks. Millie's, an edibles brand from published cannabis chef Kristina VanCleef, makes pot-friendly spins on movie-theater classics Boston Baked Beans and Skittles. The "Skittles" do a great job of re-creating the mouthfeel of the real thing, and the chocolate-covered peanuts — coated in a hard, red candy shell — give me flashbacks of pre-movie trips to the gas station, stocking up on the cheap stuff to smuggle into the theater.

Binske Olive Oil
Not all of your edibles eating has to consist of sugar. Binske's infused olive oil, available in original, lemon and rosemary varieties, allows you to whip up a fall dinner of chicken, fish, roasted vegetables and so much more. Each 100-milligram bottle comes with a dropper for handy dosing and application, and the oil is easy to mix with the non-infused stuff if you're worried about getting too high.
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