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Why Colorado Tokers Love Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny’s high is equal parts creative and comfortable.
Honey Bunny’s high is equal parts creative and comfortable. Herbert Fuego
Pulp Fiction typically generates visions of John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman and Bruce Willis, but the movie begins and ends with a man and woman robbing a breakfast diner. The couple is vulgar, and their use of pet names, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, is cringe-worthy.

Pet names and baby talk make my skin tighten, but that deep-rooted hatred was quickly unearthed and tossed aside after I came across the lineage of a Honey Bunny cannabis strain. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the old stuff.

Honey Bunny is a mix of Tropicanna Cookies and Honey Banana, which traces back to Bubba Kush and Bubblegum. That makes Honey Bunny something like a great-grandchild, and the naturally sweet influences of those classic strains are easy to spot. It hasn't blown up in Colorado yet, but Honey Bunny has enough extraction potential and sensory qualities to break through in the Rocky Mountains. A few notable brands have already taken it on.

Not to be confused with Honey Bun from Cookies, this hybrid strain provides a balanced high that starts talkative and ends with happily sprawling on the couch or in the grass. That lazy comedown arrives earlier when Honey Bunny is dabbed, but the stronger punch inspires a closer consideration of the strain's distinctly sweet flavor, which stands out for individuality rather than strength.

As breeders chase cannabis strains that smell and taste like candy, Honey Bunny has a more natural flavor profile, reminding me of a bowl of bananas drizzled in honey and granola. It's a welcome break from the Runtz and Rainbow Belts of the world, and the high, both creative and physically relaxing, provides an appealing combo of motivation and comfort.

Looks: Bright green with dark leaves that span blue, purple and red, Honey Bunny's buds look exotic even in today's market. The density of the medium-sized nugs is slightly above average, with a heavy sprinkle of orange pistils and strong trichome coverage.

Smell: A subtle sweetness hits first, followed by dry notes of pine and skunk and a quiet yet zesty vanilla finish. Break Honey Bunny apart or give those buds some pressure, though, and you'll notice more honey qualities and tropical notes, like banana and maybe even coconut.

Flavor: My cheeks get coated in a buttery, sweet flavor after smoking Honey Bunny, with those mellow tropical fruit notes making brief appearances on the sides of my tongue. It's closer to the mark than other "honey" strains, but not overt.

Effects: I don't keep going and going after smoking Honey Bunny, but the first hour is full of creativity and initiative. That energetic motivation slowly tails off into stretching and yawning before I ultimately become lethargic. I can pull myself out of the comedown, though caffeine is usually required. Because of that, the strain is best kept for a weekend afternoon or pre-dinner session, or perhaps earlier in the day for higher tolerances.

Where to find it: A Cut Above, Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, Cherry Peak, Colorado Harvest Company, the Dab, Dabbington, the Dispensary — Littleton, Green Dragon, Green Valley Dispensary, the Joint, Kind Love, Magnolia Road Cannabis Co., Native Roots, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Rocky Road, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, Skunked, Social Cannabis, Sticky Fingerz, Twin Peaks Dispensary and Verde Natural have all recently been spotted with Honey Bunny, but several menus list it as Honey B.

Indico is the only retail grower of Honey Bunny that we've found so far, while Green Dot Labs and Nokhu Labs both sell extractions of the strain. (Green Dot also grows its own Honey Bunny for extraction, but doesn't sell the flower at dispensaries.) Indico's flower is a fine representation at $35 an eighth or less, while Green Dot's concentrated offerings, although pricey, are worth the extra money if you're chasing those naturally sweet and tropical flavors.

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