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Why Colorado Tokers Love Melonade

Melonade, Melonade. Not like grandma made.
Melonade, Melonade. Not like grandma made. Herbert Fuego
As someone with chronic cottonmouth and growing acid reflux, lemonade isn't my go-to beverage anymore. It's a delightful drink, but too sugary for proper hydration, and guaranteed to wreak havoc on my esophagus. Still, I miss the sharp bite of lemonade on a hot summer day.

Maybe Melonade can be my substitute.

Denver dispensaries have plenty of Melonade, a new strain with a pedigree for picnic tables and park blankets. The mix of Lemon Tree and Watermelon Zkittlez was created by California breeder Dying Breed Seeds, and Colorado growers have started to see what they can squeeze out of Melonade, too. Cannabis math doesn't always add up in the world of breeding, though.

I've smoked plenty of weed that seemed fit for daytime on the surface, only to have me snoozing before noon. (Ahem, Lilac Diesel.) No matter. The prospect of a melon-forward strain always works on me. Cannalope Haze is an old favorite but has become increasingly difficult to find. Melonade has the trendy genetics, sugar-dipped look and high THC numbers that customers want, though, so I'll take what I can get.

After sniffing and smoking Melonade for a couple of weeks, I've learned that this strain is no substitute for anything. Instead, it shines on its own. Melon flavors are relatively rare in the cannabis world, yet Melonade does more than showcase hints of honeydew and cantaloupe. Rather, those melon notes dominate, with hints of citrus and Kush providing a tastier backdrop than Cannalope Haze's spicy rear.

Melonade's high is also tailor-made for summer, save for the occasional heavy comedown if you puff on a light stomach. Smoke that sucker after you've got a sub sandwich and Gatorade in your belly, though, and you'll fly through the day like a sky pilot. Let's hope we see more of this one around through the fall, or I'll start getting thirsty.

Looks: I wouldn't say Melonade is a "purple" strain, but the nugs are very susceptible to the color, with less-purple versions looking olive- or pear-shaded. Limited pistil coverage, thick trichome coverage and dense, divided plant nodes give the strain strong visual appeal.

Smell: Melonade's aroma is very sweet, but not in the acidic way that shoots right up the bridge of my nose. Instead, the strain's fruity flavor is more of a ripe honeydew with sour overtones, with subtle hints of Kush hanging around in the back.

Flavor: Melonade's tart lemon characteristics are stronger in the smoke, but those honeydew flavors are still present, sticking to the sides of my tongue like candy until an earthy aftertaste and dry mouth take over.

Effects: Melonade is a great daytime strain, whether you're inside or outside. I'd prefer something physical to occupy all the energy, but the euphoric rush from Melonade doesn't affect concentration much, allowing me to zip through a good book or home chores when properly motivated. It's best suited for a day in the sun, though, so don't be afraid to sip on Melonade before an outing. Keep moving and don't go too long without food, however, or the comedown is strong.

Where to find it: We've seen Melonade at A Cut Above, Colorado Harvest Company, Doc's Apothecary, Eclipse Cannabis, Euflora, High West Cannabis, the Joint and Kaya Cannabis, but more stores around Denver probably carry it.

Doc's Apothecary and High West Cannabis have in-house cuts of Melonade, and extract the strain into several different forms of concentrate (we like the kief at High West), while wholesale grower Outlaw Cannabis grows Melonade, too. Snaxland has crossed Melonade with Gelato #41, resulting in a nearly identical flavor with a much heavier high. If you want flavor, go with Snaxland's take, which smells like a mix of lemons and honeydew, but anticipate heavy after-effects inside of two hours. Outlaw's Melonade is more true to the original, and isn't lacking in the stank department, either.

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