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Why Colorado Tokers Love Member Berry

Now is the time to go foraging for Member Berry.
The only membership required for Member Berry is an ID saying you’re at least 21.
The only membership required for Member Berry is an ID saying you’re at least 21. Herbert Fuego
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Nothing brings back a particular time better than memories of a passe fad. My light-up shoes, Tamagotchi and flat-top haircut seemed pretty slick in 1997. Now first-graders wear Yeezys, Apple watches and fades that cost more than two of my paychecks. Who had it better? I'll let my Starter jacket and Bugs Bunny tie-dyes answer that for you. No matter how ugly, extra or useless fads are, though, their endearing ridiculousness sweetens with age.

Not including the Members Only jacket.

Members Only jackets are even more douchy versions of today's Anti Social Social Club, and will remain one of the few '80s fads on which I refuse to come around. Over thirty years later, and they still make you look like a Ferris Bueller wannabe. No need to announce to the world that I'm a member of a club that no one wants to join, but I will accept the more subtle benefits of Member Berry, and loudly display my subscription to the red eyes club.

A product of Colorado breeder Ethos Genetics, Member Berry is experiencing its own trendy time right now. Both wholesale and dispensary growers have taken a liking to the strain, a hybrid of Mandarin Sunset and Skunkberry, and we've seen it at over twenty Denver dispensaries so far this month alone. At first glance, Member Berry has the tools for a very successful commercial run: short flowering time, formidable THC percentage and a fruity flavor profile. But will the fad stick, or become a relic of just one summer?

This one summer is different from others, though, and Member Berry's newfound fame may be connected to that. The strain's goofy, drifting effects make me feel suspended in time, but unlike most floaty highs, the clock keeps moving. That's something that a lot of us could use as we rearrange our kitchens for the fourth time during COVID long as we know what's coming.

The strain's name reflects its high, which always starts strong and continues to swell for thirty minutes. The first zap to the face is enough to sideline novice users, and the increasing cloudiness can take out potheads who don't expect it. Keep those tokes separated by at least thirty minutes, though, and you'll stay in a happy place as long as your eyes can remain open.

Member Berry could be strong enough to hang around dispensary shelves after the summer, but now is the time to go foraging. Our favorite cuts come from High Level Health and L'Eagle, both of which are pricey enough to make you think you'll need a password to buy them, but potent enough to last twice as long as a normal bag.

Looks: Member Berry's buds tend to foxtail or stay long and narrow, flocked in a thick coat of resin that stays sticky long after drying and curing. That blanket of trichomes gives Member Berry's olive-colored buds a white tint in the right angles, with regular spots of purple and dark fan leaves.

Smell: Warm and calming the second it hits my nose, Member Berry reminds me of walking into a freshly cleaned home with fruity candles burning. Uplifting pine and sour juniper notes smell like a natural cleaner, and are quickly accompanied by a syrupy berry mix, sweet oranges and smooth hints of vanilla. 

Flavor: Rubbery, resinous and piney upfront, Member Berry's Skunk and Herijuana lineage are more noticeable in the strain's flavor, with citrus and berry flavors sticking to the sides of my tongue afterward.

Effects: Don't let Member Berry's enticing smell and flavor lure you in unless you know can handle it. That quick, foggy euphoria is so blissful that guilt and focus don't have a chance, but that can easily become bewilderment and foolishness after one hit too many. On the positive side, the munchies never came, no matter how fried I was.

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