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Why Colorado Tokers Love Rainbow Belts

Burn some Rainbow Belts, then plug in Mario Kart. You only have a couple hours, max.
Burn some Rainbow Belts, then plug in Mario Kart. You only have a couple hours, max. Herbert Fuego
Almost every grower you talk to will mention the word "exotic" at some point, but how exotic can a strain be if everyone is growing it? I don't have a problem when a lot of growers take on the same genetics; that's a great way to find out who does it best. Strains like Georgia Pie and Jealousy helped users compare Colorado's top cultivations in 2022, and the featured strain in 2023's Pepsi Challenge could very well be Rainbow Belts.

A mix of Zkittlez and Moonbow, which also has Zkittlez genetics, Rainbow Belts has become one of the hottest candy strains in Colorado after a soft launch in 2022. Highly rated growers such as 710 Labs, Cuban Crew and Green Dot Labs are all pushing versions of it right now, and extractors are jumping on it, too. But why is the strain so popular?

Cannabis that tastes like candy is having a moment, but Rainbow Belts has a more complex smell and flavor than most sugary strains — even though its Skittles and Sprees qualities are very, very loud. I catch everything from Gatorade to pears and hashy dough when I take a whiff of Rainbow Belts, which usually means I'm in for an uplifting high. Don't fall for that false advertising, though, because Rainbow Belts will make you crash harder than any sugar high could.

Looks: Outside of the rare violet spot, this strain doesn't have the seven colors of a rainbow, and the trichome coverage is relatively light on Rainbow Belts' wide, fluffy buds. But the strain's lime-green color is a different kind of alluring, practically glowing in the dark.

Smell: Lemon-lime Gatorade powder smacks me every time I open a jar of Rainbow Belts, but the aroma is complex despite that sugary sweetness never leaving my nostrils. Hints of hashy dough, dank soil and an apricot-pear mixture all make noticeable appearances, with a nutty, spicy back end.

Flavor: The candy-like tropical flavor of Rainbow Belts is powerful up front, with a layered taste on the exhale that carries spicy, nutty and hashy notes. Some cuts are sweeter than others, however.

Effects: Effective at killing stress and swelling up the eyes, Rainbow Belts is meant for inside use. I'm not great at talking, walking or second-grade math after smoking it, and I can barely operate a microwave. Save this for therapeutic and relaxing sessions, and be prepared to go full stoner mode if you hit it more than twice.

Where to find it: We've seen Rainbow Belts at A Cut Above, Ajoya, Cherry Peak, Chronic Therapy, Colorado Harvest Company, Den-Rec, Emerald Fields, Golden Meds, Good Chemistry, Green RiNo, Greenfields, the Green Solution, Green Valley Cannabis, Harvest House, High West Cannabis, the Herbal Center, the Herbal Cure, Igadi, Karing Kind, Kind Love, KrystaLeaves, LaConte's Clone Bar, Lakeshore Cannabis, Leiffa, Life Flower, Dispensary, Lightshade, Lit, Little Brown House, Lucy Sky, Mana Supply Co.,  Mighty Tree, Native Roots, Nature's Medicine, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Pig ’n' Whistle, Police & Thieves, PotCo, Reefer Madness, Rocky Mountain High, Rocky Road, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, Social Cannabis, Solace Meds, Spark Dispensary, Unity Road and Verde Natural.

710 Labs, Cuban Crew, Green Dot Labs and Leiffa have Rainbow Belts flower on the market, while KrystaLeaves, Leiffa and Lit grow the strain internally, as well. Green Dot, 710, Harmony Extracts, Leiffa, Mighty Melts and Tastebudz extract the strain, with Rainbow Belts concentrates ranging from pen cartridges to refined live rosin. Rosin edibles maker Dialed In offers Rainbow Belts gummies, also.

If you're looking for the best Rainbow Belts in Colorado, you can't go wrong with the 710 or Green Dot cuts, although Green Dot's aroma and high are slightly stronger. The take from Cuban Crew and KrystaLeaves, while not quite as good as the top two, might be a better value at around half the price.

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