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Why Colorado Tokers Love Sherb Cream Cake

Rooms quickly fill with terps when Sherb Cream Pie enters.
Sherb Cream Pie smells like OG Kush was stuffed into a pastry.
Sherb Cream Pie smells like OG Kush was stuffed into a pastry. Herbert Fuego
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As someone who appreciates creativity or a good pun, seeing cannabis with a name like "Sherb Cream Pie" at the dispensary doesn't exactly inspire me to hand over cash. So many strains nowadays could be christened by a generator using fewer than fifteen words. The old "Never judge a book by its cover" adage justly applies to cannabis, however, and I've been late to great buds because of such dismissals. Take this as my capitulation to Big Sherb.

After reluctantly purchasing this mix of Ice Cream Cake and Sherb Bx1 (a Sunset Sherbet phenotype) and opening the package, I knew what Obi Wan must feel like after discovering the next great Jedi. It's how the Dutch must've felt when they created Skywalker OG. The old-school Kush is strong in this one, and the high has light-years of force behind it.

Ice Cream Cake and Sunset Sherbet peaked a few years ago, but the colorful, trichome-laden phenoms never really went away. While Sherb Cream Pie doesn't have the same model looks as its parents or Wedding Cake grandparent, and you probably won't find a lot of rosin made from the strain, that doesn't mean you won't take a dirt nap after smoking it. Some strains are meant to remain in their natural form. This is one of them.

Rooms fill quickly with a gust of earthy, skunky terps when Sherb Cream Pie enters, bagged or not, so consider yourself warned. No amount of eyedrops or water will save you from looking like a stoned rookie, and the munchies never relent. Sherb Cream Pie is an inside cut, through and through.

Looks: Forest green with regular shades of purple, Sherb Cream Pie's buds have a thin coat of trichomes and look loose, but that's more segmented flowers and gnarled leaves than anything else. The dark, round nugs remind me of a denser OG Kush or duller Ice Cream Cake.

Smell: Sherb Cream Pie has clear vanilla notes and a sweet, waffle-like ending, but it's the sharp punches of skunk and OG Kush that really stand out. The creamy, earthy hybrid will instantly remind users of Skywalker OG or early cuts of Girl Scout Cookies after opening a jar, which tends to hit nearby noses quickly.

Flavor: Sherb Cream Pie's Kush and OG influences really stand out in the smoke, with a dry earthy flavor and herbal back end that sticks to my cheeks and the back of my tongue. There's a subtle creamy overtone, as well, but it doesn't last very long.

Effects: Life moves slower after a bong hit or a couple of puffs of Sherb Cream Pie. My energy isn't completely zapped, so it's a good high for shuffling around the house on Sunday or winding down after dinner, but my eyes balloon and turn red every time I smoke it. All good. Light pain relief and immediate bliss make me perfectly content with kicking my feet up, anyway.

Where to find it: We've sniffed out Sherb Cream Pie at A Cut Above, Ajoya, Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill, Berkeley Dispensary, Canna Botica, Colorado Harvest Company, Cookies, Denco, Denver Kush Club, Everbloom, Golden Meds, Green Dragon, the Green Solution, Green Valley Dispensary, the Herbal Cure, High West Cannabis, Lakeshore Cannabis, Local Product of Colorado, Lova, Lucy Sky, Magnolia Road Cannabis Co., Mile High Dispensary, Nature's Kiss, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Pig ’N' Whistle, Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Rocky Road, Skunked, Social Cannabis, Solace Meds, Spark Dispensary, Twin Peaks Dispensary, Unity Road and Xclusive Cannabis, but more stores probably carry it.

12 Peak Farms, Antero Sciences, Dutchess of Denver, Hi-Fuel, PG Grow, Slopeside, T&C Enterprises and Willie's Reserve all have various takes on Sherb Cream Pie in the Denver area right now, while Everbloom has an in-house version, as well. Colorado's Best Dabs and White Mousse both make concentrates and vape cartridges from the strain, too.

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