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Why Colorado Tokers Love Yahemi

This one creeps up on you, Yahemi?
This one creeps up on you, Yahemi? Herbert Fuego
I had to move into a new apartment last week, and smoking any random strain during such a stressful 72 hours was too risky. I needed something to loosen my body without sedating it, calm my nerves without numbing them, and make moving less tedious without spacing me out. The longer the effects last, the better.

A fairly modern strain with an interesting cauldron of genetics from Grandiflora, Yahemi (also know as Ya Hemi and Ya-Hemi) has a reputation for strong daytime effects and an aroma that quickly fills rooms. I'd only had a brief trial run with the strain before, but the combination of smells wafting out of the dispensary jar had me convinced that it was the right choice for moving day.

Yahemi's parents are Melonatta and Project 4516, two other Grandiflora creations that I've never tried — but I am familiar with Yahemi's grandparents, which include Gelato, Lemon Tree and Watermelon Zkittlez. That's a solid lineage of flavor, potency and giggles. While I expected more fruitiness in the smoke, after a couple of attempts the strain more than lived up to its daytime potential.

My first Denver run with Yahemi ended with me lying on the ground among cardboard boxes for 45 minutes, trying to snap out of it. That one was on me, though: After feeling unfazed by a bong hit of Yahemi, I took another and felt about the same. Fearing I had purchased a dud, I walked to my room — and promptly stood there for five minutes before lying down.

This is a creeper of the highest order. Go one hit at a time, wait a couple of minutes, and go from there. When you find the right level, Yahemi is that slap on the back you need during a long day, keeping the brain, body and spirit on an even keel. Just take it slow, or you'll be staring at the wall for a while.

Looks: Yahemi's buds are relatively long and slender, with average density. The sativa-looking buds have a light- to olive-green color, but dark-purple spots are common, as well.

Smell: Thick smells of gas and rubber, herbal spice and a healthy squeeze of lemon are held together by a creamy overtone. The smell is well balanced and built to spread, so leave Yahemi in the car or be prepared to announce yourself as the pothead in the room.

Flavor: I get a lot of rubber and herbal zest up front, with citrus notes coming in later. The skunky flavors linger, giving the strain more of an old-school taste than genetics suggest.

Effects: This a creeper strain, so don't burn through two bowls until you feel the first. Yahemi's growing high can be productive and euphoric if dosed correctly, but it's easy to go out of bounds during your first try. Take it one or two hits at a time, and Yahemi keeps engines going with a sunny disposition. That engine requires fuel, though, so have food at the ready.

Where to find it: We've spotted Yahemi at 1136 Yuma, A Cut Above, Berkeley Dispensary, Bonfire Cannabis, Cherry Peak, Colorado Harvest Company, Cookies, Denver Dispensary, Emerald Fields, the Herbal Cure, Higher Grade, Kaya Cannabis, Local Product of Colorado, Lova, Lowell Gardens, Nature's Kiss, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Rocky Mountain High, Rocky Road, Spark and Twin Peaks Dispensary. Based on how many wholesalers are growing the strain, though, Yahemi is likely stocked in more stores.

Bubba Kush, Cherry, Cookies, Dutch Boys, Snaxland and Veritas all have their own versions of Yahemi, and several extractors and pre-roll companies sell the strain, as well. Bubba Kush, Cherry, Snaxland and Veritas all produce commendable versions, with Bubba Kush and Snaxland offering my favorites so far. Snaxland's had more stank and potency, but Bubba Kush's provided the smoother smoke and clearer high.

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