Ten Things You Can Do Now That Justin Bieber Has Canceled

Justin Bieber's dreads stopped by the Pepsi Center in April.
Justin Bieber's dreads stopped by the Pepsi Center in April. Miles Chrisginer
Justin, it may indeed be too late now to say "Sorry." On Monday, Justin Bieber canceled the remainder of his Purpose tour, including the August 12 gig at Denver's Mile High Stadium, due to "unforeseen circumstances." The decision comes on the heels of China — the whole country — banning Bieber for "bad behavior." John Mayer, who's gathered plenty of negative press for being a dick, defended the 23-year-old's decision: "When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going. We've lost so many great artists lately. I give Justin [props] for realizing it was time to call it. You should too."

Okay, fine. We can forgive and we can forget Bieber. Here are the top ten things to do instead of going to see Bieber in concert that weekend.

10. Channel 93.3 Big Gig with Blink-182, Bleachers, Marian Hill
Saturday, August 12
Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre

If you like radio pop with a little more rock than Bieber, KTCL's annual show features Bleachers and Marian Hill, as well as pop-punk veterans Blink-182. Blink just canceled its scheduled mini-tour with Linkin Park, following the death of LP frontman Chester Bennington.

9. Learn the lyrics to "Despacito."

Bieber certainly doesn't know them.

City of Centennial website
8. Centennial Under the Stars
Saturday, August 12, Centennial Center Park
An outdoor concert including a performance by the Tom Petty Project, "Colorado's premiere Tom Petty cover band," plus food trucks, free face painting and a laser lights show. Bieber who?!

7. Glitter Ball
Saturday, August 12, Tracks Nightclub
It's sparkly time. The monthly dance party features spinning from DJ Markie and DJ Blaque Gurl.

6. Study the choreography of "Sorry."
You've been meaning to pick up some new moves anyway. This is one of the most-watched videos on YouTube — and Bieber doesn't appear in it at all.

Read on for five more things to do on August 12 that are better than Bieber.
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