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Reader: Our Roads Are Dangerous, but Not Because of Speed Limits...

Are Colorado speed limits too high? That's what a new crash-test study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests.

"Colorado is a state that has 70-plus miles-per-hour limits in a lot of places," notes Skyler McKinley, spokesperson for AAA Colorado. "You can get on I-76 right outside of Denver and go 70 legally, and I like driving at that speed. But we need to start having tough conversations about what that costs us, including what it costs us as taxpayers because of all the wrecks, and what that does to our insurance rates."

And, in some cases, to our lives. "Drivers will regularly speed ten miles per hour over the limit and call it nothing," McKinley adds. "But literally, that ten miles per hour could be the difference between life and death."

The responses were fast and furious on the Westword Facebook post of our story about speed limits and the AAA study. Says Josh:
Speed = good, Stupidity = bad. The truth is most of you suck at driving. And life. A sign isn't going to change that.
Asks Greg:
Who follows speed limits?
Comments Heather:
Colorado roads are dangerous. But it’s not the speed limits. It’s the lack of merging lanes, frequency of DUI and crazy aggression. If you’re just going fast, nothing happens. If you’re going fast and weaving all over the road, something's bound to happen.
Suggests Simmy:
Drive faster, Colorado. You think you’re being safe going 10 under and merging by slowing down, but you’re just a scared idiot making the roads more dangerous.
Offers Naomi:
I actually think there's too much testosterone on the highway; it's not the speed limit that's the problem. It's how those behind the wheel handle themselves and act like they own the road. Total bullies. It's disgusting
Responds Ronaldo:
GTFO of the damned way and you won't have these problems.
Says Chris:
CSP and DPD need to start ticketing people who drive slow in passing lanes creating traffic with the same energy and aggression as they ticket speeding. These wannabe cops trying to control the speed of other drivers are the real problem.
And Jonathan concludes:
Drive from Denver to the Kansas line, traveling at 55mph. Now. Tell me you want a lower speed limit. East and north of Denver is BORING!! to drive through. Raise the limit, I say. High speed means you're less likely to get bored and start checking your phone.....
What do you think about Colorado's speed limits? Colorado drivers? Do you speed? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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