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Reader: Calling Polis a Socialist Disqualifies You From Intelligent Discussions

Bernie Sanders stumped for Colorado Democrats running for office last week, including Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis. His visit put Republicans on the defensive, arguing, as Republican challenger Walker Stapleton's campaign did, that Polis is a socialist, just like Papa Bernie.

Sanders isn't afraid to call himself a socialist, and Polis argues that, although some of his policies might align with those of the senator from Vermont, he is running firmly as a Democrat.

In response, readers weighed in on Sanders, Polis and the political climate. Jason argues:
Sadly, party politics makes a patsy of everyone involved.
Adam notes:
You really have to laugh at all these folks worried about how much Bernie has made in over 30 years in public service, and several careers under his belt. Math, kids, math.
Ronnie explains:
We are way past time for an independent to rise! We keep playing the same boring game! We stick a Republican in till that side makes us sick, so then we stick a Democrat in till they make us sick, so why not try something new? We should vote both American mob families to the curb!
Leah says:
"Polis is a Socialist" disqualifies you from intelligent discussions.
But Keifer concludes:
Bernie is a coward and a hypocrite.
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