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Reader: Next Time Drop Your Phone and Grab Your Gun, Genius

Dean Schiller at the scene of the King Soopers shootings.
Dean Schiller at the scene of the King Soopers shootings. ZFG Videography
Dean Schiller, self-proclaimed "citizen journalist" who founded ZFG Videography, has been shooting video around Boulder for years, often covering police activities. On March 22, after shooting targets with his friend, Denny Stong, he happened to be in the parking lot of the Table Mesa King Soopers when shots rang out.

Schiller had locked up his gun at home, but he had his camera, and he started livestreaming the scene. Only later did he learn that Strong died in the store. In an interview with Michael Roberts, Schiller talked about the response to his video and the loss of his friend.

Readers have had a lot more to say about Schiller's actions on the Westword Facebook post of the story "Dean Schiller on First King Soopers Shooting Video, Friend Who Died." Says Ike:
Why the f*** would you leave your gun, but grab your phone? Makes no sense. Next time, drop your phone at the house and take your gun, genius.
Suggests Chelsea:
Dean Schiller should be charged with a crime. He helped no one. He is a selfish human being who was more concerned about his 4k video than helping anyone. He doesn't even help the poor old man standing next to him. He just zooms in on the deceased. I hope when it's his time, I can just stand over him with my Facebook live video. I won't help him. But I will make sure I have good signal. And if he was with a friend — where is he? Oh, he left his friend behind as well.
Responds Eric:
Please, enter into that store unarmed with a guy firing shots at you. You going in to help people? He did his part by running around the store yelling active shooter. The three people were in no condition to be helped. They'd already passed on. The most vulnerable people he did help. That was anyone around the store.
Comments Sylvia:
Schiller is an idiot and put everyone’s life in danger. Not even close to a hero. Wish you guys would stop promoting him or encouraging others to do the same stupid actions.
Adds Jason:
And Westword is giving him more press. Guess I’m not surprised by a magazine that half its pages are pot ads. You have to be high to think good things about him. Sad to see what this publication has come to. I used to respect them and their reporting.
Counters Joe:
Great work by Schiller, and a really interesting story by Westword. Thanks.
Asks Doug:
Dean Schiller—journalist or ass**** with a cellphone?
Wonders Don:
Can he not be both?
What do you think of Dean Schiller's actions? The coverage of his actions by Westword? Should mainstream media have shown clips of his video? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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