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Reader: The Stadium Clearly Wants to Be Called Mile High

Reader: The Stadium Clearly Wants to Be Called Mile High
Sports Authority Field at Mile High
After Sports Authority went bankrupt, the Denver Broncos were officially granted naming rights to Mile High Stadium...which means the team can sell them again, and will probably do so soon, before the next season starts. But fans already know what they want the place to be called. Says Cesqua:
The stadium is called Mile High. It clearly wants to be called Mile High. If anyone buys the rights, they should call it Mile High or face the combined wrath of the peeping bear and the 5th Horse of the Apocalypse, which will drive them insane and cause extreme and sudden loss of all business sense.
Adds Keith:
I think I can speak for all the natives that it has never been anything else but Mile High Stadium, covered in someone's advertising that we all thought was ugly.
Proclaims Scott: 
Face it. It's always going to be Mile High.
Lynne goes further: 
The corporate renaming of countless stadiums and events centers all across the country has been a truly gross and disturbing admission of who has the real power in our country, even though, in nearly all cases, TAXPAYERS DID THE MAJORITY OF FUNDING. Really awful!
But then there's this from Jim: 
Without naming rights, the stadiums would cost taxpayers even MORE!!!!
What do you think the stadium should be called?
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