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Reader: No Work, No Rent

About half of Denver residents rent their homes.
About half of Denver residents rent their homes. Google Maps
With thousands of layoffs in Denver this week, renters are worried about whether they'll soon lose their residences and wind up out on the street in the middle of a pandemic.

In an attempt to reduce such fears, the Colorado Apartment Association just issued a series of recommendations for rental-housing providers that includes waiving late fees, delaying rent increases and forgoing evictions through April 30. But are those providers paying attention?

Says Rebekah: 
For the first time in seven years, I received a letter stating when RENT WAS DUE...they made sure tenants knew there is no FORGIVENESS...
Adds Deborah:
 Mine sent us a nasty letter telling pay up or they will personally evict us. Wow!
Comments Jon:
 Landlord in one paragraph says they still expect you to pay on time.

Next paragraph says to have patience with them as they figure out how to fix issues, answer questions, and other shit.

Patience for me, but pay up sucker.

Counters Alyce: 
Actually, I know several landlords. None are greedy. That's what " income property" is supposed to be: Income. Landlords aren't trashing their own properties. They aren't sneaking out in cover of darkness, leaving someone else to pay their debts. They are called in the middle of the night to fix overflowing toilets, broken appliances, windows, fixtures. How do you suppose a person becomes a landlord? It just floats down from the sky and they go through all that?
 Responds Gregory: 
No work, no rent. Period.
Notes Kyle:
 I love that the average person is supposed to have months of savings, yet these mega corporations are crying that they might have to close down after a couple of weeks of reduced income. Nuts.
Concludes Carolyn: 
Wouldn’t it be a wonderful, compassionate gesture to allow at least one month of free rent? This includes the landlords of small businesses who have had to close their business/shop. Think about it, landlords! I have a feeling that your pockets are overflowing. Just a thought. Compassion!!
Mayor Michael Hancock has made it clear where he stands on evictions in Denver. During his March 16 press conference announcing the end of on-site restaurant and bar service, Hancock said that "now is not the time to be evicting people from their housing." As a result, sheriff's deputies assigned to this duty have been redeployed "to other areas of need."

And during a March 20 press conference, Governor Jared Polis also pointed out that the federal government has put in place a sixty-day suspension of foreclosures and evictions for those with loans overseen by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Polis encouraged all lenders at the state level and the private sector to follow suit, and called on landlords to refrain from evictions or associated penalties at present.

Worried about a possible eviction? See the Colorado Apartment Association's resources for renters here. And if you have a suggestion for how the situation can be eased, post a comment or email [email protected]
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