Reader: Broadway Is So Busy, Giving That Lane to Bikes Is CrazyEXPAND

Reader: Broadway Is So Busy, Giving That Lane to Bikes Is Crazy

A dozen years after Westword did its first profile of Broadway, we returned to this "magnificent thoroughfare" and detailed how Denver's booming economy has affected the road from top to bottom. But there's no development that captures the public's imagination — and anger — more than the pilot bicycle-lane project, Denver Moves Broadway. Says one reader:

With a city as congested as Denver, limiting the amount of street for drivers is crazy. There is also the issue of parking spaces and how the business owners along Broadway are losing business.

Adds Anwar: 

Bicyclists don't even use the lane that is there *now.* I'm a cyclist and even I think this a waste for this stretch of Broadway. Most cyclists are so stupid that they ride in the middle of lanes, anyway.

Responds Justin: 

I'm a bike commuter, too, and it's true - I see too many of us cruising in traffic without helmets or lights when there are perfectly good bike lanes on the side.  A complete route from South Broadway into downtown would be amazing and a big safety improvement, if it's used. I think proper enforcement for a season would change things.

Adds Lee: 

Plus, it's a pain to turn left off of Broadway now. Cars just sit there idling and backing up traffic waiting for nobody.

Concludes Sean:

Yet this once again will only slow the flow of traffic.

What do you think of the bike lane on Broadway? Should Denver keep it? Move it?

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