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Reader: I Ride Scooters as Much as Possible Because People Irrationally Hate Them

Courtesy of Lime
Not all heroes wear capes, just like reader Joe, who says he rides scooters around Denver as an act of anarchy. Indeed, since landing in Denver, dockless scooters have been a controversial mode of transportation that have forced a response from the City of Denver and have surely upset more than one driver.

But they're here to stay, much to the delight of folks looking for a fun and cheap way to skate around the city. Here's what more readers had to say about them:

Chris says:
They should be in the bike lanes just like bikes. Amazing as it sounds sideWALKS are for walking. First time I get hit by one I will be suing the city as well as the scooter company and the rider.
 Leah argues:
So the Lime Bike website says to follow traffic laws and ride in the street. These scooters can go up to 37 MPH, and people are riding them on the sidewalks. Why are they allowed in Denver if the company says they are to be ridden in the street, yet it's against the law? How is it legal to ride a vehicle that goes 37 MPH on the sidewalks? That is an enormous danger to pedestrians, and I have seen many near-misses so far. I truly hope Denver Public Works continues "exploring all our options" in dealing with this nuisance.
(The max speed of Lime scooters is 14.8 mph not 37 mph, according to the company. See Lime's specs here.)
 Phil notes:
I love how upset people get because of these! It's hilarious. If they're in your way on the sidewalk...walk around them. I think this, or something similar, is the future of city transportation! Driving your car in the city sucks why wouldn't you wanna cruise around on one of these?!
 Joe explains:
I ride these as much as possible SPECIFICALLY because people irrationally hate them.
 Anwar concludes:
The scooters are fine - its the PEOPLE that suck.
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