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Reader: I Love How Lauren Boebert Triggers the Fragile

Reader: I Love How Lauren Boebert Triggers the Fragile
Bullet Points
What does U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert have in common with obnoxious kids on the internet? A fundamental ignorance of how Congress works, suggests Teague Bohlen in his most recent "Boebert Watch," as well as pushing mean-girl rhetoric on Bullet Points, her new weekly web series.

In the first installment, she labels President Joe Biden "a traitor" — a bold move coming from someone who posted “Today is 1776” the morning of the domestic terrorism attack on the Capitol and is still defending the actual treachery committed that day — and in criticizing Pete Buttigieg's parental leave, also mentions that “I delivered one of my children in the front seat of my truck because as a mom of four, we got things to do.”

Including doing time, says one reader in her comment on the Westword Facebook post of Bohlen's piece. Says Carolyn:
Yeah, she did have a kid in the truck on the way to Valley View hospital in Glenwood Springs. She also did a few tours of the Garfield County jail that’s down the street.
Notes Joe:
When you don't have any policy positions and don't have the intelligence to come up with policy ideas, hatred and bullying is really all you have left to dish out.
Adds Andy:
It's more fun to rant about conspiracies than to actually craft meaningful legislation.
Comments  Lonnie:
I love how she triggers the fragile!
Suggests Gregory:
Ya know if you just stop talking about her she'll go away — but if that isn't the hardest thing, huh?
Offers Rush:
I bet Lauren Boebert is laughing at the article.
Pathetic smear campaign.
Counters Andrea: 
You’re giving her credit for knowing how to read.
What do you think of Bullet Points, Lauren Boebert's new web series? You can watch it here, then post a comment or send your thoughts to [email protected]
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