Reader: Backing Carly McKinney, suspended teacher aka CarlyCrunkBear, isn't just about pot

First-year Overland High teacher Carly McKinney's suspension after a TV station publicized her Twitter account (which featured flirty photos and marijuana references) has stirred passions among students at the school. Here's a note from one who puts the pot leaves seen on a T-shirt supporting her in perspective.

IAmTheGannway writes:

I'm Shaun Gannaway; one of the students featured in the interview. As stated in the interview, we do not support "smoking weed," but the leaves are symbolic of our support for Ms. McKinney. We believe that what she does in her free time, be it partake in recreational cannabis or anything else, is her choice. While my friend and I personally do not partake, the point of #FreeCrunkBear is not to make a comment on Marijuana, or Marijuana law, or Marijuana law reform. We simply support freedom in a human being's personal/private life, and as long as it does not carry over into the classroom, we will continue to support that freedom.

Yours, Shaun.

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