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Reader: Buildings With Modern Designs Have Ruined the Charm of the Highlands

We recently shared details about eight Denver development projects, ranging from the big to the really big.

The images and interactive graphics we included got one reader thinking about neighborhood building projects that have a different aesthetic than the ones in surrounding areas.

She focuses on the Highlands, but her comments could apply to numerous parts of the city.

Here's her take.

Candice Alström writes:

I love the modern designs, but they look so stupid and completely out of place in the middle of classic Denver style homes. They've ruined the charm of the Highlands. And they are just randomly peppered throughout the city. I would prefer to live in the new and modern construction as I sit in a completely lopsided 100 year old townhouse. But in a community of new builds. Not in the middle of a neighborhood where it doesn't match, fit or make sense.

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