Reader: Caleb Moore's tragic death doesn't mean changes need to be made in X-Games

Last week, we wrote about snowmobiler Caleb Moore, the first X-Games competitor to die as a result of a competitive accident in the history of the event. Even before he succumbed to his injuries, some observers were suggesting that perhaps extreme-sports contests like this one are going too far. But one of our readers disagrees.

Monkey writes:

No changes need to be made. The reason competitions like the X-Games exist is because traditional organized sports are for pussies. Sometimes a snowmobile will land on top of you if you try to flip it, all the participants know this and the risk involved. If all regulated sports were as boring as Golf or Football, real athletes would still be flipping snowmobiles, sliding down rails on a skateboard and jumping out of planes. R.I.P. brother, and my condolences to his friends and family.

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