Reader: City ignores problems in Santa Fe arts district -- except on First Fridays

Our post about the murder of Darwin Brown noted the crime's proximity to Rakun, one of the city's most charming boutiques.

But one resident of the area says other businesses nearby are a magnet for trouble that the police tend to overlook...until First Friday comes along.

Elati writes:

I live in this neighborhood, and while yes it can be charming...it can turn quite scary in an instant.... The establishments in the area only feed the problem, but what is more alarming is that the police only seem to clean up the mess once one has been made.

Despite regularly stopping at the 7-11 to fill up on whatever Denver's finest fill up on, the police fail to dissuade these groups of homeless men from forming, getting ridiculously intoxicated, and then proceeding to do what any group of drunk males do...fight.

I'm not advocating for a police state, but there are three schools, four churches, and six day cares in walking distance of this place. And as everyone knows, many of Denver's homeless suffer from untreated mental illnesses. This is a recipe for disaster: so no I am not shocked this happened.

It seems that the city could care less that these groups use Sante Fe as their open air bar, brothel, and bathroom. That is unless, its First Friday, when they help us sweep it under the rug so mom and dad won't see. For all that the Sante Fe Art District offers to the city, it would be nice if the city's brass would offer a little back.

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