Reader: Denver Will Always Be Home to Many of Us Living in Nebraska

Earlier this month, Oklahoma and Nebraska filed suit against against Colorado's Amendment 64 in the U.S. Supreme Court, and Kansas is considering joining in. The move set off a border war, a war of the words between residents of those states to the East and the Coloradans who've been pulled over when they've tried to drive through, or say they know someone who's been pulled over, or....

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Says WillardS.Mittens:

Loose morals! Ladies wearing pants! Reefer smokers! Cursing on the TeeVee! I tell you, them Flatlanders have it right! Mountains are trouble. If the good Lord wanted us to leave the plains he wouldn't have made out feet flat! Boring and proper and saying yes sir, that's the good common sense of the plain-speaking flat-land loving folk of Nebraska and we don't need your hippie doper ways!!!

But we'll give the last round -- this time -- to apotheticreally:

As a current Nebraska resident I couldn't help but counter some of these asinine comments. Many of us who live here actually grew up in Colorado and moved here because it was cheaper after the influx of Californians, Texans, New Yorkers, etc. Denver will always be home to many of us living in this shithole, so try to do some research about the subject first and how you reply. This is all politics and money. And it didn't help that the Colorado legislators told their neighbors they might "share the wealth" so to speak so that they might have additional funds to hassle their own residents when they leave the state. Gotta love the bureaucrats, yes?

Is it time to love our neighbor, hate their bureaucrats?

And what's that "bright golden haze on the meadow" in Oklahoma, anyway?

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