Reader: Denver's Out-of-State Hate Represents a F*ckfacey Attitude

Reader: Denver's Out-of-State Hate Represents a F*ckfacey Attitude

Our post featuring reasons why visitors to Colorado shouldn't move here, as heard in a KTCL-FM audio clip, provoked strong reactions.

Plenty of readers agreed with the sentiments, which were presented humorously.

Others, however, felt that the attitude at the heart of the item was problematic, including a reader who used to live here (and loved it).

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Here's what he had to say.

Gabriel J. Gonzales writes:

Denver has so much out-of-state hate.... I loved living there and all the growth I've seen in the past five years was awesome. I felt it was lacking in diversity (and all the amazing things like food that comes with it), and gentrification is running rampant out there. When I first moved there, it would've been cheaper to buy than to rent. After a while, it got almost as expensive as living in Los Angeles. But really, the whole "you came, got high, now leave" attitude is for shit. That's a very cuntly, self entitled, fuckfacey attitude. Your slogan should be "Colorado... 'git off my lawn!"

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