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Reader: Female Nipples Are Icky and I Need to Be Protected From Them

In our post about the recent CSU BARE Run, previously known as the Undie Run, we noted that three women were detained by police after baring their breasts to the crowd, estimated at 3,000 people.

We also pointed out that these acts would have been legal had Go Topless Fort Collins succeeded with its 2015 efforts to "decriminalize the female breast." 

Last October, however, the Fort Collins city council voted down the "Free the Nipple" campaign, crafting exceptions to the community's public-nudity ordinance only for breastfeeding women and females under the age of ten.

The issue led to this memorable exchange among readers.

Brandy Luangrath writes:
Detained for having their nipples out..... But look at all those male nipples. No males were detained for showing nipples?
Nate Mulder writes:
Male nipples aren't sexual everyone knows that. Female nipples are icky and scary, though!! I need to be protected from them!
Renzo Chavez writes:
Oh my god, shut the hell up.

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