Reader: How can med. marijuana dispensaries be risky for kids when I couldn't even get in?

William Breathes's post about the potential for federal crackdowns on dispensaries within 1.000 feet of schools spurred an unusual comment from a reader who's not a medical marijuana patient, but was interested in checking out a dispensary anyhow. Here's what happened -- and why he's puzzled about the supposed risk to kids from MMCs.

Papabear writes:

I'm not a medical marijuana user. Could some one please explain to me what makes these "dispensaries" unsafe for children? Out of curiosity I tried to enter one once just to see what the fuss was about and was met politely at the front office and asked to leave. I didn't even get to see any Marijuana. There were however cameras everywhere and definitely procedures to follow in order to just see were the 'meds" were sold. I am seriously curious what dangers these places implement to children when there are so many precautions taken to avoid sales to someone who is unlicensed.

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