Reader: How Was John Fox Supposed to Stop Peyton Manning From Choking?

Our post about Twitter reaction to John Fox and the Broncos deciding to part ways after another playoff defeat provided a forum for debate about whether this move was justified -- and the opinions were widely varied, with some fans in favor of Fox's disappearance and others feeling he's getting more than his share of the blame. Here's a sampling of the passionate responses.

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Rick Mae writes:

He deserved to go! We have one of the most talented teams in football we should do better then to lose to Colts at home!

Penni Benkler Loomis writes:

Scapegoat for sure. He's been head coach for three years. Of those three years, he took the team to the playoffs all three and to the Super Bowl one of those three. How spoiled a front office/owner/fans can you be that you fire/berate a coach (and a quarterback) who has done that for you?

Bob Lyons writes:

Well deserved firing -- should've happened 2 yrs ago, after the Baltimore debacle.

David Alley writes:

Football is a business for Big Winners. Maybe it's where the saying "Go Big or Go Home" originates. Fox is a nice guy but not one to inspire with his profound understanding of the game. Being nice isn't the same as being smart which isn't the same thing as being capable.

Heather Malone writes:

Meh, I dunno how he is supposed to fix Manning choking.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.