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Reader: Humiliating Your Kid on Social Media Isn't Good Parenting

We recently shared a video showing mom Jeannie Crutchfield following her allegedly truant daughter into school and threatening to sit beside her in class -- a clip she shared on Facebook as a way of shaming the teen straight, as it were. When we asked if this was an example of good parenting, a majority of readers answered in the affirmative. But not everyone agreed....

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Amanda McGregor writes:

This type of behavior doesn't work. It creates deeper animosity than what already existed. Something is obviously going on in the girl's life that she would be skipping school and instead of addressing it in a way that fosters communication and constructive discussion to solve the issue, the mother decides to use aggressive tactics to deal with it. It's shitty parenting and creates the type of relationship that leads a teen into more trouble.

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